Buddy Vail Biography

Hello!  My name is Buddy Vail and I am full time Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Pocono Real Estate located in Hawley, Pa. 

I grew up on a farm and learned the importance of family, respect, honor, and hard work from my parents, grandparents, and the land we farmed. After attending Penn State University I opened a fitness center in Honesdale Pa and lived in Hawley Pa on and near Lake Wallenpaupack. 

Lake Wallenpaupack is awesome and I love to fish so it was perfect. For 14 years I provided heartfelt customer service to the hundreds of people that visited my fitness center. I loved that gym and all my clients! In 2005 I sold the gym and had a strong desire to live on a farm again. I found that farm that I was dreaming of just a few miles from Lake Wallenpaupack and I wanted it so badly! I can still clearly remember just how important it was to me to buy that farm that I can still feel the emotions. I didn’t really know where to start and luckily a local attorney from Honesdale held my hand thru the purchasing process.

Soon I owned that farm and my own piece of heaven. Yeah Baby!! I was so happy and grateful for the help that my attorney friend had given me finding, negotiating, and closing on this farm that I knew I had just found my next calling!   I just realized that helping others accomplish their dream of owning their own piece of heaven would be so exciting and rewarding that I had to do it without question.

I soon earned my Pa Real Estate license and got to work helping others sell their properties or purchase their own piece of heaven. My sales performance totals are in the top 1% of all Realtors in Pike and Wayne Counties year after year and I know this is directly because of my upbringing on my parents farm, years of helping others daily in my fitness center,  and of course the purchase of my farm in Hawley PA.

With my career in real estate I get to re-live that level of achievement and excitement each day thru  my clients successful real estate sales and purchases. I look forward to helping you sell your real estate or of course purchase that property of your dreams!