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“Get on a train that’s going 80 miles per hour; don’t get stuck on the sideline.”

- Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Professionally Marketed


You may be surprised that there is a dramatic difference between selling a home and having your home & lifestyle professionally marketed and networked. If so you are not alone. We believe that countless home sellers and even some real estate professionals often confuse selling a home with marketing one.

How Is a Marketing Agent Different Than a So-Called Listing Agent?

•   A Marketing Agent does not merely seek to list homes, but instead, is committed to comprehensively market properties and overall lifestyles.

•   A Marketing Agent is not focussed on selling more homes, but rather on causing homes to sell for more.

•   A Marketing Agent appreciates that they may not be the person who sells the home, but can be the major reason the property sells.

•   A Marketing Agent will work with the home seller to create a customized marketing plan that conveys to buyers and buyer agents the overall value to your entire lifestyle.

•   A Marketing Agent is highly skilled at strategic pricing, negotiating, staging, merchandising, marketing, networking and transaction management.

•   A Marketing Agent focuses more on what makes your lifestyle different than what makes themselves different.

•   A Marketing Agent understands that homes compete but don’t compare.

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What Role Does Professional Networking Play?

•   Professionally marketing real estate calls for our real estate marketing professional to possess a complete grasp of the importance of Range, Reach and Influence play in the pursuit of successful outcomes.

•   Range equal’s the strategic use fo the internet.

•   Reach, in most cases, is maximized by how most real estate companies collaborate with the marketing company/agents in showcasing your home for sale on their website along with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

•   Influence causes buyer agents and buyers not only to discover your property but also to encourage them to pay maximum value for your property and overall lifestyle. Influencing buyer agents is also inextricably interwoven with the marketing agents ability to network with hundreds or even thousands of other real estate professionals when working with or representing buyers.